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Wart Removal

If you are looking to remove any unwanted warts on your face, hands or feet, then you are in luck. The most effective wart-removal laser in all of Denver is available at Dr. Lee’s office.
Warts not only diminish self-esteem, but they can also cause pain and discomfort. Warts at the bottom of your feet are particularly troublesome, as they create difficulties and pain in walking and other active pursuits.
Warts are caused by a virus that feeds off your blood supply and progressively grows and multiplies. Many methods of wart removal – such as medication, acid and freezing – have been attempted, but none have been proven effective. Dr. Lee’s use of innovative technology has remedied this problem.
In order to completely remove a wart, the virus that produces the wart must be destroyed, and this is achieved by cutting off its blood supply. A device known as the Nd:YAG long-pulse laser does this. Dr. Lee improves on this laser by using a doubled YAG laser, making it one-of-a-kind in its effectiveness for eliminating warts. This laser has several unique features and capabilities that set it apart from other lasers and guarantees the best results for wart removal.
Lasers have long been used for removing warts, but never this kind of laser. The lasers used in the past have all been used to cut or burn warts and required multiple appointments, which often left people bleeding and in pain. The laser used by Dr. Lee promises no cutting, bleeding or pain both during and after the procedure. This is all made possible by the innovative technology behind the YAG laser.  We shouldn’t say zero bleeding as there is a small amount of blood on deeper warts, and there can certainly be some discomfort if the warts are deeply embedded.  Wart treatments are different for each person, but our lasers provide the most comfortable and effective treatment possible as warts are just stubborn and persistent as anyone who has suffered with warts knows all too well.
We can guarantee the destruction of the wart with our services.

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