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Persistent Wart Removal

Warts On Your Face, Hands, or Feet?

Expert Laser Clinic Can Now Zap Them With the Most Effective Wart-Removal Laser Available in Denver.

Other people might not see the warts on the bottom of your feet, but you certainly do. Warts are ugly, and they are very often painful.

Nobody wants warts.

Warts are actually caused by a virus, and once that virus is active, it feeds off your blood supply and progressively grows and multiplies. Large warts on your toes or feet, or clusters of warts on the bottom of the foot (often referred to as plantar warts), can become a serious problem, and very quickly. They can become extremely painful, and they can make walking or playing sports painful.

Unfortunately, getting rid of warts is extremely challenging. (That is, it has been until now!) Plantar warts are persistent, tenacious, and can be extremely difficult to rid yourself of. Warts on the feet are resistant to just about every treatment you can subject them to, even medication, even acid or freezing, even combined with regular scraping, cutting, digging …

And still, with all that, all too often the warts just come back anyhow.

The warts continue to spread.
The warts continue to grow.

Some patients, suffering with especially bad cases of plantar warts, eventually come to believe there is no solution. And it is hard to blame them when nothing they try ever really works, even after months (or years) of treatments.

We have an exciting new piece of technology — technology in a very specific form. A laser, but unlike other lasers in several very important ways, has actually made destroying warts surprisingly simple.

This is not just any laser. In order to effectively destroy warts and eliminate them for good, it requires a very specific kind of laser, and it has to pack a really hefty punch.
In order to destroy warts in a serious way, the laser needs to be able to knock out the virus while at the same time cutting off its blood supply so that it cannot survive.

One particular laser does this job of wiping out warts quite well. It is called an Nd:YAG long-pulse laser. And the long pulse frequency doubled YAG laser in Denver, in the offices of Dr. Jonathan Lee takes the long-pulse fd:YAG a step further, with several very specific traits enabling it to completely destroy warts in only one or two short treatments. The combination of these traits in the laser makes the procedure not only extremely effective, but quick and easy.

This is not your ordinary laser wart-removal treatment.

Lasers have long been used in getting rid of warts on the feet, but these lasers were cutting lasers, burning lasers, requiring many treatments, all of them leaving your feet bleeding and in pain.

But that is NOT what we are talking about here with the laser at ELC.

We are talking something completely different.

If you live in the Denver area, you can now enjoy the results of a far superior approach to treating the warts on your toes or feet.

– No cutting.
– No bleeding.
– No walking around with sore, painful feet afterward.

Why is that? It all comes down to the laser at work. The technology behind it. And with this particular long-pulse fd:YAG laser, it comes down to two specific bits of science (just in case you happen to be curious):

The Two Interesting Bits of Science That Set Apart the Laser at ELC in Denver(And Make It So Effective At Destroying Warts):

First, the fd:YAG laser at Expert Laser Clinic used for wart treatments makes use of the 1064nm wavelength. This particular wavelength is indifferent to skin pigment, making the laser safe on all skin types and allowing it to penetrate the skin and pass on to where you want the energy to build when treating warts: at the blood supply feeding the virus. The 1064nm wavelength specifically targets hemoglobin and uses the blood supply feeding the virus to cook the virus dead, while at the same time cutting off the blood to the warts. Most lasers on the market make use of ineffective wavelengths, or entirely inappropriate beam types, which either build up heat on the surface (or burning it) without penetrating to the actual blood supply feeding the wart, or simply fail to create enough heat to get the job done. And this then takes us to the next point.

Second, the proper fd:YAG laser for wart treatments needs to be a true long-pulse laser. The pulses being delivered should not zap too quickly, but rather need to pour in slowly enough to heat the full volume of the blood supply surrounding the wart virus. This longer pulse duration allows for the substantial, full- volume heating of the blood right at the base of the wart. Too many of the lasers out there have very short pulses (typically less than 1 millisecond). A full-on long-pulse laser truly effective at this treatment will make use of a much longer pulse duration, typically between 25 to 45 times longer than everything else out there. And that is how you pack the kind of punch you need in order to knock out warts on the feet and put them down for the count.

The laser at Expert Laser Clinic can deliver the correct kind of energy, across the ideal wavelength, at the exactly correct penetration. And when you combine this with the appropriate pulse duration needed to consistently destroy warts, you have yourself an extraordinary new wart treatment now available in Denver.

Warts might once have been a terribly frustrating problem (and often an embarrassing problem to doctors who could not seem to get them to go away in spite of all their best efforts) … now, equipped with the ideal laser for the job, We can ensure that your warts are destroyed in only one or two quick treatments, all without medications, and normally (except in the most severe cases) even without any local anesthetics.

So call us today to set up a quick consultation visit, or send us a message from our Contact Us Page. Set up with a quick visit to our Denver office and take care of those warts on your toes or feet once and for all.

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