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Patient Testimonials

Testimonials from Patients at the Expert Laser Clinic

“When I contacted Expert Laser for an appointment, I was surprised that I was able to sit down and talk with Doctor Lee and not a nurse or assistant. I’d already seen a dermatologist, and I’d tried every cream imaginable to remove dark freckles and “stains” on my cheekbones and near my eyes. Doctor Lee’s assessment was less about symptoms and more about results. Once we discussed where I was and where I wanted to be, the solutions he presented were clear. And within weeks, so was my skin! Thanks a million!”      — Pamela A.

“As a guy, I never really thought about lasers and cosmetic doctors. That all changed once my current became my ex &151; I got real tired of seeing her name in the mirror every day. Removing that tattoo took a few sessions, but the laser got rid of my tat almost 100% without scars, and the discomfort was less than when I got my tattoo in the first place. Awesome job, worth every penny.”       — Glenn X.

“I have been to several other clinics including some “med spa” for my Botox and Juvederm injections. By far, Dr. Lee performs the injections the best. I look the most natural and it lasts longer. I also like the fact that Dr. Lee sees me every time I go in for treatments and he personally does all the treatments, unlike other places where nurses, medical assistants, or aestheticians do the injections.”  —Susan P.

“I had several warts on my hands and fingers for several years, I went to many different dermatologists. They treated me with liquid nitrogen, medicated patches, shaving off etc. Despite all that my warts grew bigger and spread to more areas. Dr. Lee treated my warts with his laser and all my warts are gone. How amazing. Thank you.”  —Lorin S.
“I had my tattoo removal treatments from two other places in Denver, and after two years and many laser treatments later, I still had some ink remaining, especially blue and green colors. When I came to Dr. Lee’s clinic, he was very professional and took time to explain how laser tattoo removal works. Not only his laser removed my remaining tattoo, I realized that I wasted  a lot of money and time by going to places where no doctor was there and some technicians were doing the treatments. Dr. Lee properly numbed my skin so that the laser did not hurt. He did not use some topical anesthetic or cool air gadget that was used by other clinics. He personally anesthetized my skin and performed laser treatments every time and I did not have any pain while he was using the laser. Wow, what a difference. He is simply the best.”   —Kurt S.
“I have been a client of Dr. Lee for twelve years. He is wonderful. Thanks.”  —Jessica L.