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About the Expert Laser Clinic

The Expert Laser Clinic has a MixTo SX laser, hair removal lasers, as well as radiofrequency and other equipment to provide a wide array of non-surgical treatment options. We ensure that every client is given the highest possible quality of treatment and care.


Dr. Lee portrait

Dr. Jonathan Lee attended The Johns Hopkins University and completed his residency training at Stanford University. He has been practicing medicine in Denver, Colorado for more than 25 years. For the last 20 years, Dr. Lee has focused on laser cosmetic medicine in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Lee is dedicated to treating his patients with the utmost care and is recognized as a top 2% physician injector of BOTOX and Juvederm in the U.S.



Certain skincare products and treatments are not for everyone. During your initial consultation, Dr. Lee will evaluate and determine if you are a candidate for cosmetic procedures, and what the best treatment will be for you. Please call today for your free evaluation.