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Facial Vessels

Severe Rosacea or Facial Telangiectasia

 If you suffer from the chronic redness and flushing that characterize facial rosacea or telangiectasia, you know how aggravating this condition can be, and how it can negatively affect so much of your life.  Lasers offer a  long-term solution for rosacea treatment. Results that will not only change how you look…but how you feel.

Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea. Unpronounceable, but thanks to Lasers, not untreatable.  The facial redness, flushing and visible blood vessels associated with this condition will quickly vanish with targeted laser treatment. Controlled injury to the blood vessels initiates the body’s natural response to break down and remove damaged tissue.  New cells rebuild and replace the problem area with clear, beautiful skin.

photos Rosacea before and after
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