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The Expert Laser Clinic in Denver, Colorado, provides professional tattoo removal services. The clinic’s physician, Dr. Jonathan Lee, is board certified in the American Board of Emergency Medicine and has been focused on laser cosmetic medicine in Denver for the last ten years. He is dedicated to treating his patients with a top level of care and personally performs all cosmetic laser procedures. Dr. Lee can successfully remove any type of tattoos, even those that are colored.

Approximately 15 percent of Americans get a tattoo, and nearly half eventually regret the decision. Until recent years, there were limited ways to remove tattoos. They essentially had to be reduced through means such as abrasive treatments, lightening creams and a variety of acids. Often, the best scenario for single color tattoos was a faded appearance, and colored tattoos were even more difficult to remove. In addition, some of the removal procedures left behind a significant amount of scarring.

Fortunately, laser tattoo removal has allowed the Expert Laser Clinic to provide excellent results with a minimum level of risk. Each Q-switched laser reacts with at least one pigment in the tattooed region, which breaks down the color and reduces the contrast of the ink or dye. Although one laser type can remove black, blue, red and purple tones, newer and more sophisticated lasers can remove and reduce those tattoos that have green or yellow ink. By selecting a different laser for each color, Dr. Lee can target specific pigmentation inks within the skin. As a result, the Expert Laser Clinic is noted as the top laser tattoo removal center in Colorado. This is especially true for those tattoos with complex designs and multi-colors.

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