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Botox Services in Denver

Professional Treatments

Anyone interested in a professional Botox treatment can contact Dr. Jonathan Lee at Expert Laser Clinic in Denver for a free consultation. Botulinum toxin is created in safe laboratory conditions before it is placed in syringes meant for use during cosmetic procedures.

Reduce Aging

When syringes filled with Botox arrive at a medical facility, the devices are kept in a climate controlled environment to maintain the chemical’s effectiveness. While Botox has medical applications for patients with problems with the muscles in the eyes and eyelids, it is primarily used to reduce the signs of aging on the facial skin of mature adults.

Paralyzes Nerves

Adult men and women in their forties often want to have a Botox injection between the eyes or near the mouth to stop wrinkles and folds caused by smile or frown expressions. This chemical works by paralyzing the nerves in muscles of the face with a protein neurotoxin.

Noninvasive Procedure

Patients enjoy receiving Botox treatments at Expert Laser Clinic because it is fast and noninvasive. When a patient arrives for an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Lee, they can receive a Botox injection quickly, allowing them to leave within an hour. The injection site on the face is sanitized with an alcohol pad to eliminate pathogens.

Botox Injections

After a Botox injection, the skin on a patient’s face may bleed or develop a small bruise. When a patient has a Botox injection, they feel slight numbness in the face for several hours. Patients receiving a Botox injection from Dr. Lee at Expert Laser Clinic notice a change in their facial folds and wrinkles within a few days that last up to four months.

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