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The Causes of Frown Lines

As time goes on, you repeat the same facial movements, which causes lines to form on the skin in between your eyebrows. These lines are considered “dynamic,” meaning they occur because of your facial movements.

Age Isn’t the Only Thing to Produce Frown Lines

Age isn’t the only thing that can result in frown lines. Since your face moves in repetitive ways throughout your life, you may notice frown lines earlier than you expect. Frowning or squinting, for example, often leads to frown lines in young adults.
Treatment for Frown Lines

Dysport, a prescription treatment, can temporarily improve the appearance of your frown lines without changing how the rest of your face looks. The facial muscles that are untreated will continue to work as normal.

Important Information About Dysport

It’s important to note that Dysport can possibly affect parts of the body that aren’t near the injection site. Sometimes, this can result in symptoms of botulism hours to weeks after injection. Symptoms include problems with breathing or swallowing, loss of strength, muscle weakness. double or blurred vision, drooping eyelids, change in or loss of voice, problems pronouncing words or loss of bladder control.

Allergy Information

Those who are allergic to Dysport or its ingredients should not use Dysport. The Medication Guide has a list of all ingredients, which include cow’s milk protein. If you’ve had any type of allergic reaction to another botulinum toxin products or have a skin infection at the injection site, do not use Dysport.

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Denver Botox Treatment Doctor

Anytime you hear plastic surgery being talked about, you’ll no doubt hear Botox® be talked about as well. Injections of it are the most common procedures that cosmetic surgeons administer in the United States, and it’s pretty easy to see why. It’s a procedure that’s quick, very affordable, and non-surgical, and the results are very dramatic to behold.

Botox® (Botulinum toxin Type A) itself has been around for awhile and has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration as a way to treat cosmetic problems like frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, upper lip wrinkles, and Jaw lines for over a decade.

So, how exactly does it work?

When it’s injected into your muscle, Botox blocks off the nerve impulses that are sent out, causing a decrease of that muscle’s activity, which is what produced those wrinkles in the first place. It starts working immediately and you’ll start seeing the first signs of it within just a few days. Once the process has been completed, it can continue working for around four months before needing another procedure. One of the great things about it is that it’s a non-invasive surgery, which gives its users a younger and refreshed face that looks very natural.

Anything with toxin in its name can seem worrisome at first, but Botox is a true and tested method. Aside from being FDA-approved, it’s been proven and re-proven by over 11,000,000 men and women for over a decade.

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Denver Tattoo Removal Doctor

Approximately 15 percent of Americans get a colored ink tattoo, but many later regret the decision for various reasons. In the past, removing a tattoo required using harsh acids, abrasive treatments or lightening creams. These old-fashioned methods of tattoo removal caused scar tissue to form frequently while only leading to a slight fading of tattoos with one color of ink. Anyone with a multicolored tattoo often had no way to remove an unwanted design located on the body.

Dr. Jonathan Lee of the Expert Laser Clinic in Denver is able to provide a new tattoo removal method that is more effective. This cosmetic procedure performed by Dr. Lee uses different types of lasers for each ink color of a tattoo, leading to better results with minimal risks of skin scarring. The lasers used at the clinic are able to target different pigmentation inks or colors located within the skin’s tissue.

This leads to patients having a better outcome when having colored ink or highly complex tattoos removed. To understand the results of tattoo removal by Dr. Lee at the Expert Laser Clinic, patients can view close-up photographs to see the results experienced by previous patients. Laser tattoo removal can break down dark pigments such as red, purple and black with one type of laser device while a different device lightens green or yellow inks. Patients interested in a free consultation can contact us today.

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Colored Tattoo Removal in Denver

Expert Laser Clinic

More than 45 million Americans have tattoos — about 14 percent of the population. As many as 5 percent will regret their tattoo and attempt to cover it up with another tattoo, whereas a startling 11 percent are currently getting or already had one removed. In the past, tattoo removal required the use of lightening creams, abrasive treatments and harmful acids. Not only did these treatments not remove the tattoo completely, they left heavy scarring also.

With Dr. Lee at Expert Laser Clinic, you can get complete tattoo removal with minimal risk of scarring. Advanced technology at Expert Laser Clinic allows the use of different lasers that match the variety of tattoo colors. With the state-of-the-art lasers, hundreds of different pigmentation inks in the skin are targeted and effectively removed, even in the most complex and colored tattoos. As a result, Expert Laser Clinic is acclaimed as the foremost laser tattoo removal center in Colorado.

As said before, tattoos are removed at Expert Laser Clinic with state-of-the-art lasers. High-intensity light beam breaks apart the tattoo pigment deep in the skin, effectively reducing the contrast of the ink and removing the tattoo. Black tattoos absorb all of the laser wavelengths, making it the easiest to remove. Other colors like blue, black, purple and red are removed with one laser, whereas Versapulse and other types of technological advanced lasers remove yellow and green colors.

With the high prevalence of jobs that require no tattoos in the workplace, a lot of adults need to get their tattoos removed or hide them to start a career or even get a good-paying job. If you are considering tattoo removal or want more information about the procedure, contact Expert Laser Clinic for a free, professional consultation and evaluation.

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Laser Tattoo Removal in Denver

Laser Tattoo Removal

In today’s society, many Americans will choose to get a tattoo at some point during their life, but almost half of those individuals eventually regret the decision. In the past, tattoo removal procedures were limited to reducing the effects of the tattoo instead of completely getting rid of the tattoo. In most cases, even the simplest, tattoos were left heavily scarred and simply faded instead of completely removed. The removal of multi-colored tattoos was near impossible.

In today’s day in technology, laser tattoo removal is now available. Dr. Lee provides laser tattoo removal services that have incredible results with little risk involved. Different lasers are used for different colors of a tattoo allowing the Expert Laser Clinic to target the different pigmentation inks that are in the skin. This technology has carried the Expert Laser Clinic to the top laser tattoo removal center in Colorado, specializing in difficult to remove tattoos.

In the tattoo removal process, Q-switched lasers reacts with the pigments in the skin where the tattoo is located and reduce the contrast of the ink or dye while breaking down the color. Black, red, blue, and purple tattoo tones can all be removed by a single laser type. Versapulse and newer technology can now be used to reduce the contrast in yellow or green colored tattoos.

If you are regretting your decision of getting a tattoo and ready to speak to a professional to get a medical assessment and removal of the single of multi-colored piece, give our friendly staff at the Expert Laser Clinic a call today to receive your free personal evaluation and consultation today.

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Denver Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

It used to be getting a tattoo was a life-long commitment– after all, the alternative was a hodgepodge of lightening creams, abrasive treatments, or a variety of acids, any one of which could be virtually ineffective with the possibility for heavy scarring. Single-color tattoos were difficult to remove, and colored tattoos were nigh on impossible.

Today, approximately 15% of Americans get tattoos, and as many as half regret the decision. The difference is, now there is a reliable option when it comes to tattoo removal: laser treatments.

Laser tattoo removal offers great results at minimized risk. Different lasers are used for different colors, allowing for targeted removal of the various pigmentation inks in the skin. The procedure is relatively simple: each Q-switched laser reacts with one or multiple pigments in a tattoo, causing the color to break down and a reduction in contrast.

Each tattoo is unique, and many factors effect how long it will take to completely remove a tattoo. Coming into play are such things as density of ink, location on the body, skin tone, and whether or not you smoke– that’s right, smoking effects tattoo removal. Typically, 6-12 sessions are expected for full removal.

If you’re serious about getting a tattoo removed, your first step should be to schedule a professional medical assessment with a professional. They can evaluate your individual case and give you an educated estimate.

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Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

How exactly does this work?
The laser used in the procedure is attracted to the hair shaft’s pigment. Once it’s focused, it’ll cauterize the area and completely destroy the follicle it’s attached to.

Is there a recovery period?
The only thing to be mindful of is pink skin immediately after the treatment. It should heal up after one to two hours.

How safe is this?
The procedure is FDA approved and will safely get rid of any unwanted body hair without causing damage to the pores or skin structure surrounding the follicle.

Does it hurt?
It’s possible that there will be some pain, but if there is any, it’s very small. If it becomes a problem, you can ask for a topical anesthetic.

Is it immediate?
Unfortunately, it’s not immediate. Within one to two weeks after getting the procedure, you’ll find that the hair will fall out and the overall amount of hair in the area will be significantly reduced.

How many treatments are needed?
You’ll need more than one treatment. Individual results will vary considerably, but it’s not uncommon to need around six treatments before all the hair in the area is completely removed. This is due to the way hair grows on the skin, as there is only about 1/3rd of your potential hair visible at any one time.

How long will the results last?
Laser hair removal is a procedure that will permanently reduce hair in the affected areas.

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Juvederm Doctor in Denver

JUVÉDERM® XC is a gel filler that is used by doctors to reduce the wrinkles found on patients’ nose and mouth areas. It’s an instantly-working procedure that’ll have you looking great with just a single treatment. Not only is it a fast working procedure, but it’s also one that’ll last for up to a full year.

The gel is created by using HYLACROSS™ technology, which allows it to be manufactured with a consistency that’s very smooth. Getting it done is also very worry-free, as the substance is created with lidocaine to vastly improve patient comfort.

Getting a JUVÉDERM® XC procedure done will turn heads everywhere and have people wondering how you have such smooth skin.

What is it for?

Wrinkles are a common sign of aging, but everyone has different types. There are all sorts of wrinkle-related problems that JUVÉDERM® XC can help resolve, such as vertical lip lines and smile lines, but there are many more. Speak with your doctor for more information on how JUVÉDERM® XC may specifically be of help to you.

How exactly does it work?

Have you ever looked in a mirror and seen lines around your nose and mouth that looked like parentheses? Those are wrinkles that are caused from the reduction of hyaluronic acid (HA) in your skin. This substance was abundant when you were younger, but as you aged, it would have been reduced by a number of factors; one common reason being sunlight.

JUVÉDERM® XC acts as a dermal filter that’ll allow patients to have their HA replaced safely and effectively.

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Denver Tattoo Removal – Why People Choose the Procedure

Young woman looking frustratedA normal day at Expert Laser Clinic in Denver consists of a lot of aesthetic procedures, perhaps the most popular these days is tattoo removal.  It may seem odd to go through a painful procedure to get a tattoo to only have to go through another procedure later to get the tattoo removed.
Why would anyone want to deal with this twice?
According to Dr Lee, the reasons can be simple or complex.  Some of the common reasons he cites are as follows:
Individual is Applying for Work that does not Allow Visible Tattoos – In some medical field and legal services industries, tattoos on the hands, neck or forearm are not allowed.  If an individual has career aspirations in one of these fields. then tattoo removal may become necessary.
Love Interests have Changed – A man may tattoo the name of his wife or girlfriend on himself, and then if that relationship ends, it is a painful reminder.  A reminder which most individuals prefer to avoid.
Bad Artwork – Some people come to Expert Laser Clinic because the artist did a bad job.  The individual likes the idea and wishes it turned out better.  The flower looks more like a ball and just looks bad.  Tattoo removal helps get rid of this bad artwork.
Change in Values – The person who got a monkey with a needle tattooed on their back in the 70’s when they were doing drugs may have become a family man or woman in the 90’s and want to get rid of the reminder of their old drug days.  Others want to erase religious symbols or association marks like gang markings.  When values change, having a tattoo which conflicts with the new values is not what most clients want.
There are a lot of reasons that one may want to get a tattoo removed.  What makes Expert Laser Clinic different is Dr Lee can numb the area prior to the laser procedure making the pain felt while removing a tattoo to be easier than the pain to get the tattoo.  Dr Lee can also get rid of colored tattoos, which is very difficult for most tattoo removal shops in Denver.  He can use this because he has more than one laser he can use.
According to Lee, “I have never had a tattoo that I could not get removed.  Generally with the colored tattoos, it takes multiple sessions over time, but I have always been able to get rid of these tattoos for my patients.  Removing a tattoo from a person takes just as much skill as putting a tattoo on a person.  The horror stories you hear about are generally from removal professionals who lack the experience and knowledge in pain free tattoo removal procedures.”

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From a Wart Removal Client in Denver

Let’s face it, warts are gross.  No one wants to talk about them.  If you plantars warts on your feet, like I did, they are easy enough to hide, even if  they aren’t going away.  I was lucky they didn’t become super painful – I have heard horror stories of people who couldn’t walk with their plantar warts without pain.  Luckily, mine were just all over and didn’t hit those painful pressure points.

I have tried about everything.  I tried ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), duct tape – I even got colored duct tape so it would look cooler, Virus removal potions on the internet, freezing, and I was tired of losing the battle against the warts I had on the heels of my feet.  It didn’t hit a head for me until they started to spread to my fingers.  I am a single guy and the idea of having warts all over my hands and feet didn’t seem like an awesome idea to me.   If I had to guess, I may have had about 30 warts between my hands and my feet.  Not cool.

I went in for a consultation and Dr Lee was cool.  He didn’t say what my mom did – “That’s kind of gross, you need to get that fixed…” He looked at the warts and said, “Wow, you have a lot of warts, we can take care of this.” – I asked what he felt the chances were that he could get rid of them and he said, “100% – I am sure we can.  It may take more than 1 treatment, but we will get them.”

I had my first treatment in April.  I will be honest, he went in deeper into my skin than I expected.  I guess the roots were pretty deeply embedded.  I sat there, it wasn’t painful because it was numbed.  I had thought about going to the place I have had laser hair removal for this, but after I was done, this would have been a silly idea and complete waste of time.

Now I had a big open wound on the bottom of my feet that I had to take care of for a few weeks to ensure it didn’t get infected or anything.  Changing dressings and applying Neosporin in the AM and before bed.  Not the end of the world, but walking around didn’t feel super great.  This process is more aggressive and for people, who like me, had tried about everything with no results.

3 or 4 weeks passed and my foot was pretty much healed.   I went back in and a lot of the warts were gone, but some survived.  I have no idea how these things survive – everything…  but some did.  Treatment number 2 – this one was a lot easier as Dr Lee didn’t need to go as deep into my foot.  The warts on my fingers were gone.

Treatment 2 – a few more weeks of bandages.  This process is a little bit of work, but if you are tired of warts – you have to be aggressive.  They don’t just go away on their own.  Now the second treatment is pretty much healed up and I am awaiting to make sure all of them are gone.  The bottom of my foot looks a lot better, I will send in some pictures when it is fully healed as I don’t want to send one now and have people think the wound is a normal end result.

I didn’t like the laser wart removal treatment when it was happening, and I didn’t like how long it took to heal (I am impatient), but I love how much more effective it has been.  I have been buying creams, freezes, homeopathic tinctures, and dealing with these for over 5 years.  Now a month and a half later, they appear to be gone.  So, I would suggest this to anyone who feels like they have tried about everything.  I especially appreciated the fact Dr Lee said he would help me until they were gone at 1 fixed price he told me before we started any of the sessions.

I hope yours go away with simple pads or home remedies, if you are like me, you may need laser wart removal here in Denver and Dr Lee did a great job.  Isn’t it time time to win this battle?

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